B&B Out of Africa


Out of Africa

With a colour palette of bright yellows, startling whites and rich earth-reds, flamboyant furniture items and impressively elaborate decorations, you'd be forgiven for forgetting you are in Brussels. This rooms has been created to give life and let live the African tribal spirit. Inspired by the wild banana trees, exotic flowers and a warm and welcoming population. Traditional hand-crafted wooden masks from the region of South Congo, inspiring beam desks and wax fabrics give this room the African touch that will wisp your liven dreams away. Click here to book your African safari getaway in the comfort room of Out of Africa. Exclusive to Bed and Breakfast Longue Vie in Brussels. Above that, couple your stay with a dinner in the afrique-town of Brussels : Matonge , situated just a few metres away from our guesthouse, you have the choice from a variety : Congolese, Ethiopean, Togo, Moroccan and many more traditional dishes at prices to suit every budget. Check out our Area Page to see what to do in Brussels (our suggestions).