BnB Drinking-Out


Our selection of Bars & Café near B&B Longue Vie

Place Flagey: Cafe Belga (1km from our b&b):
An iconic bar in the area of Flagey. Prices are affordable with a large range of Belgium beers. Every weekend and often during the week too, a live-show or DJ is present. A note though, it’s a very busy bar if you’re looking for something calm I’d suggest the Penates (just the opposite side of the place Flagey)

Les Penates (heated back terrace):
The Penates is a lovely cosy bar, with a wide range of food and appetizers, very Spanish-like tapas style assortment. The décor is very simple in its kind, simply a nice place to enjoy a good glace of Argentinean red and conversation.

Bar du Marche (smoking):
Plural-activity bar. Every time you go in this bar there will be a different atmosphere, sometimes Jazz night (Monday evenings I believe…), sometimes R&B/soul dj playing, sometimes indie rock music playing, sometimes suited for quiet conversations,… a real crowd pleaser. It is recommended to check before you go if you are atmosphere-sensitive as this place is quite small, so if you want quiet and there is some music (even calm) it can very easily become crowded.Oh and I almost forget, they do fantastic cocktails!

Porte de Namur / Toison d’Or: 300m Bar Clope (Smoking): the name says it all, it’s a bar where you can smoke. Hipster and Un-conventional, the music is to suit all types and the atmosphere too.

City-Centre/Grand Place:
2,6 km Delirium Before you even step foot into Belgium, you’ll probably have heard of this bar. It’s F-A-M-O- U-S. They offer (almost) every beer in the world and this is not a joke, over 233 beers are available at this bar, from banana beers from Congo to Peruvian Chilli beers and Belgian cherry beers. Definitely worth the visit, it is loved by tourists and locals all ages. On Thursday, they hold an open mic night where locals showcase their musical talents both singing and playing instruments. An interesting night out in the centre guaranteed with a stopping at this bar.

Place Luxembourg/ European Institution Area: 600m Just outside the Parliament, very international (well a bit more than anywhere else), here the bartenders speak Spanish, Italian, German, English, even Swedish at times. Very lively area on Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays. Average at other times.